#BourbonOfTheMonth – February 2016

Welcome to the inaugural #BourbonOfTheMonth blog, all hashtaggy for the interwebs. The idea here is to live up to half of this blog’s name by introducing a delicious new bourbon every month. I’ll share my thoughts on the selection while I divulge my utter lack of fine taste and reveal my shameless absence of any kind of sophisticated bourbon knowledge.

I generally won’t include my impressions on the flavor or “nose” or whatever—just assume it tastes like delicious burning. But I will try to bring a little background to the booze in a way that a normal review may not.

Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Batch: 2015-06, “Noe Secret”


Thoughts: There’s an ice cube in my glass for a reason. This particular batch of Booker’s rates at 128.1 proof, making it uncharacteristically strong for your usual bourbon. For as much as it costs, though, I like the extra bang for my extra buck.

Besides being tasty, I like the fact that this is a small batch bourbon—the distillery has already moved on to selling the next batch, which is something I can appreciate.  They’re selling more than just some constant flavor.  They’re selling an experience.

Some Background: Booker’s is a product of Jim Beam and is the namesake of Fred Booker Noe II, the first Master Distiller of Jim Beam not to bear the family name. This particular batch is a nod to ol’ Fred, who is credited with revitalizing the bourbon business with the innovation of small batch bourbons.  You can read more about this and other batches in the Booker’s line here, and you can read more on the history of Jim Beam and its various Master Distillers here.

Parting Words: I have a swig left in the bottom of this bottle that I’m loath to drink without buying the 2016-01 batch first. Highly recommended. (I wouldn’t put it on here otherwise.)


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