#BourbonOfTheMonth – March 2016

Welcome to round two of Bourbon & Battle’s #BourbonOfTheMonth post! This month, I’m featuring:

Jefferson’s Chef’s Collaboration


Thoughts: Two months into doing this and I’m already bastardizing the feature by presenting something that isn’t 100% bourbon. Except I’m not, because this Bourbon/Rye blend is everything you want it to be and more.

I spent more time making this than I care to admit.


The Jefferson Bourbon website suggests this spirit is “perfect with meals, for mixing cocktails or simply drinking.” Do yourself a favor and don’t waste this one mixing it with anything other than maybe some ice.

Some Background:  Jefferson Bourbon doesn’t distill its own bourbon. Instead, they “acquire” whiskey from other distillers and distribute under their own label, mostly after blending different spirits together for unique flavors. That may be a downside for some, but there’s a reason Jefferson is a fairly popular brand: they’re damn good at what they do, and they make a hell of a drink.

According to this review on “Serious Eats,” the titular “collaboration” here is between Jefferson Bourbon founder Trey Zoeller and food chef Edward Lee (who you can read up on at his wiki page here). The two worked together to craft a bourbon flavor that would pair well with Lee’s culinary offerings (adding the rye flavor to get the taste just right). You can check out the previously-linked article for all the background, but suffice it to say this very small batch of whiskey was carefully designed and blended to be the tastiest it could be, and that’s worth something.


Parting Words: Like the label above says, it’s a ridiculously small batch. According to a tweet I got from Chef Lee, the inaugural bottling was in 2013, but they’ve since released a second batch last year. Still, as good as Chef’s Collaboration is, you never know how long it’ll be around. If this is your thing, I recommend getting out there and snagging up a bottle. And if you like smooth bourbons (even though this is a bourbon/rye blend), this is your thing.

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