#BourbonOfTheMonth – June 2016

Some folks are sticklers for “traditional” bourbon, distilled, aged, bottled, the whole shebang in Kentucky, maybe while piping bluegrass into the rack house for the entire aging period. But in this age in which craft distilleries are all the rage, Kentucky and Tennessee no longer own the entire bourbon landscape. If you’re looking to expand your bourbon experience while celebrating America’s 240th this weekend, consider the B&B June 2016 #BourbonOfTheMonth:

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Translating Corporate Jargon for the Military Audience

During my summertime internship adventure in nonprofit land, I’ve found myself working at what may be the most corporate NPO in existence. This post’s featured photo with the sticky notes on the glass wall? I attended a meeting where we actually did that!

In addition to this clichéd “brainstorm” meeting, I started noticing all of the corporate buzzwords and jargon, writing them down both for my own education and amusement at the fact that the Army isn’t the only workplace enamored with trendy terminology.

What follows are a handful of those terms accompanied by what I think are more-or-less equivalent Army phrases.

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#Reflections on Leadership: Uncertainty & Tomorrow’s Military Leader

Check out my first major piece outside of this blog published at The Strategy Bridge:


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6 Slow Realizations of the Headquarters Company Commander

Few jobs in the Army inspire the phrase “better you than me” than that of a headquarters company command. There are paths to success if you find yourself in that gig, especially if you follow good advice like that offered by Captain Scott Nusom in his article “Surviving Headquarters Company Command” published at From the Green Notebook.

But along the way to completing a successful headquarters command, there are a handful of slow—sometimes painful, sometimes cathartic—realizations that change the way you perceive the job, for better or worse. Continue reading 6 Slow Realizations of the Headquarters Company Commander

Unplugged, That’s All

This is the eighth post in the “In Between” series.

I started work last week for my summer internship as required by my graduate program. Sparing too many details for the sake of some limited anonymity, I’ve been brought on as part of a small team to kick off an initiative to recruit young veterans into a tech training and internship program and to also develop a better understanding of the young, post-9/11 veteran population in the Bay Area and other metropolitan locations.

The organization already targets underprivileged young adults, so the point came up naturally in a discussion as to why veterans as a group should receive additional attention within the scope of the existing program.

First of all, this is a 100% appropriate point. Misunderstanding and “kid gloves” are far too pervasive when dealing with reintegrating veterans into the civilian workforce. We end up asking questions about all the ways veterans differ from civilians. What makes them different? What kind of student or employee can we expect veterans to be? What concerns or problems should we be prepared for that are unique to veterans?

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