#BourbonOfTheMonth – July 2016

The month of July finds me in a hiatus (got lazy) from writing here on B&B as I decided to devote my efforts to closing out my summer internship with focused effort (just want it to be over). But the more I thought about it (started feeling guilty about my laziness), I just couldn’t let a month go by without writing a #BourbonOfTheMonth post (raging alcoholic).

This message brought to you by Central Command spokesman, General Subliminal. (via NBC)

Intro from Mr. Subliminal aside, let me introduce you to my pick for the month of July:

Wild Turkey Rare Breed


Thoughts: I take a trip back to more mainstream brands this month with Wild Turkey, but keep it a little interesting with this spicy barrel proof, “Rare Breed.” First of all, I want to give a shoutout to UnderTheLabel, whose review of this bourbon starts with this nifty “Flavor Components” chart:

“Ah yes, hints of banana, toast, and… what is that? Mayonnaise?” (via underthelabel.com)

As I’m sure I’ve written before, I’m not one to get too hipster on the smell and taste descriptions, and that’s mainly because I would write them like this: it smells like booze, and tastes pretty good. While those are both true of WTRB, I cannot with integrity attest to specific flavors and ingredients. You get a full nose of all of its 112+ proof, a warm and tasty mouthfeel (yes I used that word—I know I’m a hypocrite), and a hot aftertaste that hangs around longer than some bourbons. Definitely tastes pretty good.

Some Background: You don’t have to take my word for it that this is good stuff—its boatload of awards speaks volumes, as does their website listing those awards. All 15 of them. Their most recent prize was the prestigious Double Gold Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. (I guess my invite to that event was lost in the mail, but if you SFWSC folks are reading, I’ll be in the area in 2017, too!)

There’s not much in the way of a history behind Rare Breed itself, but it’s one of many selections created by the legendary Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell. You can read an excellent profile of Mr. Russell over at The Bourbon Review, which, among other topics, describes how he became—and continues to serve as—a bourbon ambassador and “elder statesman” to the nation starting in the late 1970s. And for the record, Jimmy prefers to store his bottle of Rare Breed in the freezer to keep from having to add ice and dilute the flavor, according to the official site.

Parting Words: As this summer internship has reminded me that the world of full-day jobs still exists, Wild Turkey (and some select other delicious bourbons) gives me something to look forward to, especially after a soul-crushing commute that includes 45 minutes of standing up “nut-to-butt” with your nose in someone’s armpit.

San Francisco Bay Area commuters “make their buddies happy” on the BART during an evening rush hour commute. (via Pinterest… okay, via a Google search that led me to Pinterest)

If you haven’t checked it out yet, add Rare Breed to your summer drinking list. Everyone has one of those, right?

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