Garrison Tips for the 21st Century Army Leader!

Today’s Army is one of innovation and technological marvels. While we continue to fight the battles of our day, Army leaders must ensure that troops stay in tiptop readiness form while in garrison.

Follow these tips to be on the cutting edge of our fighting force!

1) First line supervisors must stay constantly engaged with their junior Soldiers. Given the choice, young troopers would stay in their barracks rooms over the weekend playing their Nintendo video game systems and watching the MTV. Take them out and show them all the entertainment the surrounding community has to offer!

A young Detroit MTV musician plays guitar for an Airman in his “dorm room.” (via Getty Images)

2) While on duty, ensure your troops don’t get distracted by whatever song happens to be #1 on TRL. The Army is constantly changing—uniforms, weapons systems, the roll-out of comprehensive software like DIMHRS—and leaders must ensure that our Soldiers are on the forefront of that change!

Soldiers train with cutting-edge technology. (via

3) Army leaders must fully embrace social media. Consider hosting an official unit account on popular sites like MySpace and Xanga.

Soldiers love to surf the World Wide Web. (Photo by Misha Japaridze, via NBC News)

4) The Army Chief of Staff and Sergeant Major of the Army recently authorized the use of headphones while conducting PT in the gym. While your first instinct may be to reject such progressive policies, understand that today’s Soldier can still be just as effective at their job while jamming out to the latest tunes on their MP3 digital audio playing devices. Embrace the change, and maybe you too can enjoy the latest music just like you’re “In Da Club!”

Up-and-coming artist and Marine Corps veteran “Shaggy” enjoys music during the Gulf War. (via Wikipedia)

5) Despite new policies about earbuds and black socks, leaders must remain vigilant in enforcing standards of appearance. No frosted tips or other “trendy” hairstyles. No Livestrong bracelets or other unauthorized jewelry.

Via Range 15 Facebook

6) Encourage your troops to continue their civilian education by taking “distance learning” classes. Technology has advanced so rapidly that courses are even available via the Information Superhighway! Institutions of higher education such as ITT Technical Institute offer a wide variety of studies, and you can even train at home for a better career.

It’s the Army leader’s responsibility to fight and win against America’s enemies, but that battle starts at home with the training and discipline of the sons and daughters of the United States. Look Sharp, Be Sharp, Go Army!

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