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Guest Post: The 8 Lessons of Leadership I Learned from Brewing Coffee

Bourbon & Battles welcomes Alex Licea, today’s guest author. This post was originally published here on June 14, 2016. Check out Alex’s bio below the story.

Like most of my colleagues, I enjoy a cup of coffee each morning. While my experience with the brewed drink won’t inspire me to write a book about coffee any time soon, it has left a profound impact on me, and in some ways shaped me as a military communications professional and leader.

Before I get to those lessons, let me set up the scene.

The date was October 1, 2013. The government had shutdown for the first time in nearly 20 years. Continue reading Guest Post: The 8 Lessons of Leadership I Learned from Brewing Coffee

Guest Post: Operationalizing Your Philosophy

Today’s guest post is written by Josh Larson, an Active Duty Army Officer with experience at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels. He is a Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner, combatives aficionado, and avid fisherman with a knowledge background based in leadership and criminal justice. He is currently a student at the US Army Command and General Staff College.

This post originally appeared at Military Jiujitsu on January 29, 2016.

In a previous assignment I had the privilege to work for a General Officer in the Pentagon. Granted everyday was a learning experience, but one day in particular has stuck with me and makes me constantly question how am I operationalizing my leader philosophy.

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