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In Between: The One on Why I Write

Sometimes I don’t have anything particularly funny or snarky to write, and sometimes I’m in between more academically-aimed historical or other scholastic pieces. In those periods, I still have things I want to write about, they just fit somewhere in between.  This is the third post in a category I call “In Between.”

Lately I’ve put a lot of thought into whether or not writing these posts and publishing them on this blog are worthwhile. Who the hell am I to be so arrogant as to think I have enough experience or worthy ideas to write authoritatively about anything? Why am I even bothering?

But I have plenty of reasons to write, I’ve concluded. I share these now in part because I want to have them written down so I can refer back to them in the future, but also because there might be someone reading this who is hesitant to write and who might find some of these reasons motivating.

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