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Mindful of the Future: Courage in Counseling

Bourbon & Battles is pleased to welcome Aaron Lawless as today’s guest author. Check out Aaron’s bio below the story!

Once upon a time, there was an extraordinarily inept young lieutenant. Following a long string of mishaps, he was banished from a line company to a post on the Battalion staff, where he theoretically could do no harm. For a while, he flailed about, desperate in his quest for a mentor to save him, until he latched onto the Battalion Commander. He remained pretty much useless, able to help negotiate an end to a long-running feud between the XO and S3, but only by involving the Brigade Commander. Time went by and the young lieutenant found himself in the middle of major combat operations against an invading force. The lieutenant bumbled his way through the conflict with a few lucky successes. He guided a SOF mission behind enemy lines to rescue some State Department VIPs, managed to single-handedly destroy some enemy armor with a hand grenade, and was promoted. Soon thereafter, he left military service and joined the staff of an up-and-coming Senator from his home state. When the Senator had to temporarily go into witness protection, our clumsy hero was left with proxy voting power, which he promptly bungled by proposing emergency powers legislation that allowed the former chief executive of the republic to stage a military coup and declare himself a supreme dictator. Continue reading Mindful of the Future: Courage in Counseling


Officer Evaluation Report for Kylo Ren

An organization like the First Order doesn’t get to be the military powerhouse it is without an effective and efficient personnel management system.  Crucial to that system is a fair and honest assessment of its leadership.

Strangely enough, the First Order’s Officer Evaluation Report (OER) bears a striking resemblance to the US Army’s Company Grade form that was created a long time in the future in a galaxy far, far away.

Kylo Ren OER 1Kylo Ren OER 2

Shoutout to The Angry Staff Officer (Twitter) for his great examples here, here, and here and to Eamon Hamilton, who blogs here, and wrote this.

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