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#BourbonOfTheMonth – November 2016

This month’s B&B #BourbonOfTheMonth is a few days late, but such are the consequences of the end of a semester—sue me. Besides, I had a strange problem this month: too many good bourbons from which to choose. What follows is what I deem the best of a handful of good pickups from my local booze shop. One or two of the others will likely follow. Continue reading #BourbonOfTheMonth – November 2016


#BourbonOfTheMonth – October 2016

It took me three tries this month to find a selection worthy of the Bourbon & Battles #BourbonOfTheMonth title, but I finally found a bottle you should consider picking up for your Halloween parties over the weekend. Or to hoard for yourself while you pass out candy. Whatever carves your pumpkin.

Here’s your October B&B BotM:

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#BourbonOfTheMonth – September 2016

Put away your Halloween decorations and ignore the fact that this post is a little late. For September’s B&B #BotM, I once again potentially blaspheme as I choose a bourbon that is not made in Kentucky. Sometimes you have to appreciate good booze without geographically limiting yourself. That in mind, let me introduce you to a great bourbon: Continue reading #BourbonOfTheMonth – September 2016

#BourbonOfTheMonth – August 2016

With school back in session (both for kids and grad students alike), I wanted to select a Bourbon of the Month that will be a no-brainer. An affordable bottle that you can pick up for partying–er–rewarding yourself after a tough study session. Or if you’re a working schmo, drown your pain–er–celebrate the end of a long week!

After a swing-and-a-miss with my first selection for August’s B&B #BotM, I finally settled on a tasty bottle that is a favorite in the bourbon drinking community and will easily earn a permanent place on my shelf: Continue reading #BourbonOfTheMonth – August 2016

#BourbonOfTheMonth – July 2016

The month of July finds me in a hiatus (got lazy) from writing here on B&B as I decided to devote my efforts to closing out my summer internship with focused effort (just want it to be over). But the more I thought about it (started feeling guilty about my laziness), I just couldn’t let a month go by without writing a #BourbonOfTheMonth post (raging alcoholic).

This message brought to you by Central Command spokesman, General Subliminal. (via NBC)

Intro from Mr. Subliminal aside, let me introduce you to my pick for the month of July:

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#BourbonOfTheMonth – June 2016

Some folks are sticklers for “traditional” bourbon, distilled, aged, bottled, the whole shebang in Kentucky, maybe while piping bluegrass into the rack house for the entire aging period. But in this age in which craft distilleries are all the rage, Kentucky and Tennessee no longer own the entire bourbon landscape. If you’re looking to expand your bourbon experience while celebrating America’s 240th this weekend, consider the B&B June 2016 #BourbonOfTheMonth:

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#BourbonOfTheMonth – May 2016

If you’re looking for the perfect Memorial Day weekend drink, look no further. Whether you’re remembering the sacrifice of a fallen comrade or family member or celebrating their life with a stiff drink, this bourbon will do the trick:

Colonel E.H. Taylor Small Batch

Good bourbon with a bonus kickass pig calendar in the background.

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#BourbonOfTheMonth – February 2016

Welcome to the inaugural #BourbonOfTheMonth blog, all hashtaggy for the interwebs. The idea here is to live up to half of this blog’s name by introducing a delicious new bourbon every month. I’ll share my thoughts on the selection while I divulge my utter lack of fine taste and reveal my shameless absence of any kind of sophisticated bourbon knowledge.

I generally won’t include my impressions on the flavor or “nose” or whatever—just assume it tastes like delicious burning. But I will try to bring a little background to the booze in a way that a normal review may not.

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