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Guest Post: Taking the Leap — An Amateur’s First Year in Military Writing

Bourbon & Battles is pleased to welcome Nick Alexander as today’s guest author. Check out Nick’s bio below the story!

I wonder if I can?

Sitting at a conference listening intently to a senior officer in the Australian Army start the organisation on a journey of professional mastery, the following derivatives of this question are what really got a fire burning within me.

I wonder if I can meaningfully contribute to the revolution?

I wonder if I can grow?

I wonder if I can build a network?

I wonder if I can help to solve wicked problems?

So I walked away motivated, and my first stop was to read. Everything. Continue reading Guest Post: Taking the Leap — An Amateur’s First Year in Military Writing


Bourbon & Battles: One Year In

During Christmas Break one year ago, I wrote a piece for PMJWire, the blog for PolicyMatters Journal, which is the student-run journal for my school, the Goldman School of Public Policy. In that blog post, I argued for including women in registering for the Selective Service. Not satisfied with whatever audience that post would reach, I decided to share the post on Medium—my first self-published piece. I published a few more things on Medium, but it wasn’t long before I bought BourbonandBattles.com.

So began Bourbon & Battles Year One.

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#Reviewing JFK and LBJ: The Last Two Great Presidents [The Strategy Bridge]

Godfrey Hodgson. JFK and LBJ: The Last Two Great Presidents. New Haven: Yale University Press, 2015.

JFK and LBJ Cover.jpg

I am pleased and grateful that the fine folks at The Strategy Bridge published my very first historical book review. Click here to read what I think about Godfrey Hodgson’s JFK and LBJ: The Last Two Great Presidents.

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In Between: The One on Why I Write

Sometimes I don’t have anything particularly funny or snarky to write, and sometimes I’m in between more academically-aimed historical or other scholastic pieces. In those periods, I still have things I want to write about, they just fit somewhere in between.  This is the third post in a category I call “In Between.”

Lately I’ve put a lot of thought into whether or not writing these posts and publishing them on this blog are worthwhile. Who the hell am I to be so arrogant as to think I have enough experience or worthy ideas to write authoritatively about anything? Why am I even bothering?

But I have plenty of reasons to write, I’ve concluded. I share these now in part because I want to have them written down so I can refer back to them in the future, but also because there might be someone reading this who is hesitant to write and who might find some of these reasons motivating.

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