Are you a young(ish?) military professional looking to cut your teeth in the world of writing? Me too! You can join me in this endeavor!

I offer my site as a potential place for you to test the writing waters. Contact me by clicking here and start a dialogue about a guest piece. I only ask that you be willing to work with me to polish your work up (if it needs it), stay away from highly political/partisan subjects (you can rant about Obamacare, the liberal media, or Trump on Facebook), and limit your topic to the following:

  • Bourbon (including reviews or original work)
  • Battles (snarky or otherwise)
  • Other History (preferably military history, but, you know, whatever)
  • Leadership
  • Lessons learned in the military
  • Military stuff in general (funny or serious)
  • Grad School (experiences, ambitions, etc.)
  • Other stuff–if you think it’d fit here, hit me up and we’ll talk about it!

This site could be me rambling about whatever bullshit I come up with, or it could be something more, where we can gather and get better at writing together!


Lessons in life, leadership, history, bourbon, and stuff.

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